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Linked – Why Is Innovation So Hard For Lawyers And Firms?

Bob makes some good points in response the Lisa Bodell’s keynote from last week’s ILTA conference. I highly suggest you go read his column.

Bodell was a good speaker and an inspiring one. But I felt her message of organizational change failed to take into account one major factor: We’re talking about the legal profession here.

Bob goes on to talk about the complexity involved in changing not just the firm, but the entire legal industry, because that’s what we’re really talking about. Firms live with rules and influences that help keep them adverse to change.

For myself, the one thing I kept coming back to during her keynote was that law firm IT staff would love to create change, be innovative, and kill stupid meetings and rules. But. they aren’t our rules. It’s not our firm. We didn’t create the legal industry culture, lawyers did. They need to change it. We can help, but it can’t be just up to us.

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