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If you subscribe to the feed, you may have noticed the new “links of the day” item earlier this morning. One of the things I get with Feedburner is the ability to show you a post with all the stuff I linked on my Bloglines link blog for that day. I figure it’s a good way to provide even more information to my subscribed readers. Those posts won’t clutter up the site by showing up on the blog though, if you’re coming to the site the last 10 links will always show up on the right-hand side anyway, so you’ve been seeing that benefit.

That’s one of the many small things that I’ve been working on to make this whole thing a bit more useful for everyone!

Speaking of new things, Douglas Welch, who some of you may know from my references to his Career Opportunities podcasts, has started a new podcast with a friend called TechnologyIQ. Looks pretty interesting, especially to folks just getting started with new tech gadgets. I’m subscribed!

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s Feedburner, Bloglines, or Google Reader (my aggregator) that’s the culprit, but how it appeared to me was each link was duplicated… the title and link on one bulleted line, followed by the title and link on a non-bulleted line (repeat for each of the 4-5 links you posted).

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