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So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I decided to make a Feedburner Feed for my child abuse blog, as a way to compare and contrast this site, as well as get some understanding of the audience. Well, it proved what I had always thought about the two sites. They have completely different audiences!

OK, anyone with a quick look at the two sites could see that, but I still found it interesting, not just that the audiences are different, but the way they interact with the sites is different as well.

For example, the number of feed subscribers is outrageously different. This site has about 640 subscribers according to Feedburner, the other site less than 40. However, even though there are 600 more people reading the posts in this feed, the Child Abuse site gets about 50% more page views. There are more people who go to that site and read new entries every week, or two weeks, etc. instead of keeping up with an RSS reader all the time.

The other thing about the content of the two sites, and part of why there are so many more page views, that site has less competition in Google searches. I mean, if you’re looking for tech info, this site gets a bit lost in the shuffle unless you are looking for something specific that I’ve talked about before. (For example, I still get pretty good traffic from people looking for the abbreviation for Quebec, I once blogged about how a database I was working with had it listed.)If you’re looking for tech blogs, well then you’ve got 1000’s to chose from. If you’re looking for sites about Child Abuse, while I’ve noticed a significant growth in that area lately, there are still nowhere near as many as the number of tech blogs! On top of that, this domain name identifies me, personally. That one includes the subject matter in the domain name. All of those are important factors in determining the search traffic I come up with.

Interestingly, given all that, if I ever wanted to do Google Ads or something like that, I’d make more money on that site, but that would be the last place I would place those! On the other hand, if I wanted to do Google Ads for this site, I’d almost have to put them in the RSS feed to get any benefit from them. I can certainly understand why folks who are counting on Google Ad income run into quite the problem with full content feeds. More importantly, it seems to back up my decision to not worry about any of it in the first place. 🙂

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