Gsyncit, so far so good

I’ve got an evaluation copy of Gsyncit running on my laptop right now. It’s a tool that easily syncs your Outlook calendar with your Google Calendar. You can use the evaluation edition for as long as you like, but that means putting up with a nag screen that takes about 15 seconds when you open Outlook, or perform a sync. If it continues working for me, I think it’ll be worth the $9.99 USD to register it.

For the record, I think the fact that Yahoo calendar has an intellisync program available that syncs with Outlook for free still tops this. On the other hand, I don’t spend a lot of time in Yahoo like I do with Gmail, and the Google calendar gives me an iCal format that I can use to sync with Thunderbird on my Ubuntu machine, so there is some value in using Google Calendar instead of Yahoo for me.

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