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If I learn nothing else at this new job, I will absolutely become a master at audio/visual stuff. Today, I spent the vast majority of the day converting two videos from the camera into .wmv files, editing both of them to get rid of unnecessary junk and change the order of clips using Windows Movie Maker (Which works well enough for internal stuff, I also have a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements that I haven’t really played with yet.), burning one to a DVD, and then the rest of the day converting some audio from micro cassette into a .wav file, and grabbing a couple of snippets of audio from the .wav file that will become trial exhibits.

All this and I still don’t even have an interest in starting a pod or vidcast. 🙂

Tomorrow I get to have a new experience, sitting in on a pre-trial conference call to discuss e-discovery issues. I’m actually looking forward to it. This is really the meat of the job, some of what I’ve been reading and familiarizing myself with, so it will be great to get to participate in it first hand, finally!

Tags: Video, Audio, WindowsMovieMaker

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