I was wrong, totally wrong

I actually meant to say something about this awhile back. For a long time I looked at people who worked with dual monitors and thought to myself “meh”. I never saw the attraction, or saw much benefit to having two. In fact, I kind of figured if I had that much desktop space to look at I’d probably lose track of where everything was.

Then I started the new job. We brought in some new equipment, and I was running two PC’s with the option to connect one of them to both monitors to use as a dual display. So I tried it out, and now I wish my laptop had dual screens, I love it that much! I’m much more productive, I’m able to keep an eye on so many more things at once. I’m thinking about rearranging my desktop set-up when I get a new PC for my home office to make sure I have dual displays there too.

What the heck was I thinking?

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  1. yep – it’s awesome! Try synergy on your laptop and desktop and then you’ll end up with 3 monitors (and two computers) with 1 mouse and keyboard or try ultramon which will turn your laptop screen into the third screen for your desktop which is *really* nice.
    I was torn between getting a 19″ wide screen or a 19″ regular as my “second monitor”, in the end I chose the wide screen and I really like it – i do miss the height a little bit, but anytime i need the height I use the regular monitor next door.

  2. I also stumbled into this, I had a 22″ wide screen and when I upgraded my video card, I brough over a 17″ just to get things set up. They both were the same height (almost). The video set up default went to dual display and after reversing which one was which (talk about confusion) I just ran with it until I needed the other monitor. For some reason, a new 17′ monitor turned up on my workbench and the two monitors are now fully integrated into my desk space.
    I don’t have to have windows hiding behind windows anymore.

  3. I’m from a mid level CPA firm and we have been making the push to a less paper office the last couple years. About 95 % of staff have multiple monitors, tax prepares have 3 19” LCD with the option for a 4th. Notebook users have a 17” LCD and dual with the notebook LCD The issue I’m running into is furniture space and ergonomics with the screens.

  4. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop at work and internally it hast two video adapters. Only one port is on the laptop itself but on the dock, there’s a VGA and DVI port. I have a monitor hooked into both and it works great.

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