Building Blog Traffic -The Wrong Way!

I love what John Scalzi had to say in this entry about how all of the advice about getting people to read your blog is annoying. I agree with him that you know who these people are, and you can see right through them.

Similarly, that’s why I’m not one to jump on doing this for a living, or trying to use advertising to bring in some income. i don’t want to be one of these people, who are interested in using the technology for themselves only. I want this to be a labor of love, as it’s been since day one, without me getting anything out of it more than the pure pleasure of sharing ideas, and information, with like-minded people.

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  1. Mike, I think this is the point where people need to identify what it means to be authentic online. I don’t mind others commenting on my blog, but the comment has to be substantive. Same goes for my own activities. We all need to set that bar, and understand that intellectual honesty is required element.

    Can business development be in the mix? I think so, but we’re all aware of what’s going on, and it better be backed up with something. If someone is in this to network and not contribute anything, their their participation will be short lived anyhow.

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