Trying out something new – Disqus

So I’ve been thinking for awhile now about ways to increase commenting around here. Mostly because I want to hear what you guys have to say, as opposed to just having a conversation with myself. I know most of you read this in some feed reader or other, so coming here to comment requires some effort, and I want to make it easier.

That’s part of the reason I setup a FriendFeed, because it sets up an easy way for people to comment on things I’m sharing, albeit on their site instead of here, but still a conversation is a conversation, even if it’s not hosted here.

Another piece I want to try out is Disqus, which again, allows me to setup an easy place for people to comment, only this time it integrates with the site, and if it works, should give me some other options. This post is my first attempt at seeing how well this works, if at all. We’ll see what happens!

Update: Apparently, it’s fudged, am trying to figure it out now.

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