It’s the little things

Switching (well sliding I still use Windows quite often) to the Mac has been a pretty good experience for the most part. Of course, anytime you start using a new OS, there are always a million little things that you don’t realize are different until you get hit right in the face with them.

That was the case the other day when I decided to try and use Apple Mail to handle my Gmail through the IMAP interface. There’s a little setting in the Accounts tab for IMAP that saves draft to the server by default. That’s all well and good, but given the way I use Gmail, it was a bad idea. It seems that the POP3 interface with Gmail that I use with my blackberry, would see each new saved draft as a new message and push it out to me. So, in the course of crafting a 3 line reply to a message, my blackberry went off 5 times, each a new saved copy of the draft.

Unchecking the option in Apple Mail changed he behavior, but again, it wasn’t something I was familiar with, and I had to spend some time tracking it down. That’s the price of using different systems, but oh well. There are worse things. 🙂

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