Data with an open lock

Linked – Australian Government Passes Law Forcing Tech Companies To Break Encryption

Dear Australia. I love you, but this is completely impossible:

“Here’s a short summary of the new powers the legislation hands over to law enforcement and national security agencies:

The law enables Australia’s attorney-general to order the likes of Apple, Facebook, and Whatsapp to build capability, such as software code, which enables police to access a particular device or service.

Companies may also have to provide the design specifications of their technology to police, facilitate access to a device or service, help authorities develop their own capabilities and conceal the fact that an agency has undertaken a covert operation.”

If it can be decrypted by the company that created the technology, then it is not secure. Period. End of discussion.

The Australian government is now making it illegal for anyone to have truly secure data and devices. I hope companies doing business in Australia notice this, and demand change.

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