Still not sure I get the point

I know you’ve all heard a bout Twitter, and how all the cool kids are using it to tell each other what they’re up to every minute. Ever since the first time I read about it, my thought has always been “why?”. Seriously, how many people on earth care about what you’re doing at any particular moment? Out of all the readers of this site, I can think of one person who would want to keep track of where I am and what I’m doing that closely, and if she has to use a web service to do that, we should probably be in marriage counseling or something.

Still, being the fair minded person I am, I realize that I shouldn’t put down an idea without having ever tried it, so I signed up for a Twitter account. I even downloaded a Google Talk (mike.mcbride at that Google Email domain)client for my blackberry so that I could post updates anytime, anywhere. I have no intention of posting things there 95% of the time, so don’t expect up to the minute updates on exactly what I’m doing, but as I do something interesting, perhaps I’ll post it there, and maybe if you find it interesting you’ll want to drop me a line and discuss. I don’t really know, but we’ll see how it goes, and we’ll see if my original thought about Twitter comes to fruition and no one cares what I’m doing! 😉

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  1. One way to think of twitter is a different type of blog where your posts are only a couple of sentences. Perhaps you would post something that a small group would be interested in rather than broadcasting on a larger blog.

    btw… signed up to follow you. (and I don’t have my twitter set up to text me every time someone posts.)

  2. I signed up to see if it could be used as a “I’m on it” notification process the day after I spent 3 hours working on a helpdesk ticket because it hadn’t been acknowledged by anyone else (who happened to be working on it). If they had posted a quick “Got it!” to a status page/distribution list (rather than having to boot their laptop up, connect to the vpn, open notes,acknowledge the ticket and save the file”) I wouldn’t have had to waste my time.
    In the end we changed the helpdesk so a reply to the paging email would actually mark the ticket as assigned.

  3. I might do something like you suggest Frank, sort of like how I posted last night that I had seen a premiere of Zodiac. Just to let anyone know who might be interested in the movie. At this point, it’s just a thought..:)

    Andy, that’s not a bad idea, not necessary in my work environment, but an interesting use of it for sure.

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