DST worse that Y2K?

According to eWeek, there’s an argument to be made that it is:

That’s because IT shops have had less notice in dealing with the time change than they did for Y2K, and because the issue doesn’t have visibility at the highest levels of an organization as it did for Y2K.

Actually, I think I agree with them. We’ve only had the MS server patch for about a week. I’m not exactly sure when it was released but it was not much more than a week ago. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to follow the golden rule of IT, only make one change at a time. We’re still in the process of patching servers, a handful per night, and we’ll be patching desktops through login scripts this week as well. It’s already created a handful of problems, as servers are patched, updated and rebooted, without allowing for proper time to make sure that is working smoothly before the next thing is patched. I suspect it’ll create a handful more problems over the next week or two, and we simply have to get through all of that before March 11.

The next time anyone looks at me strangely when I suggest the best government is one that does absolutely nothing, I’m going to point them to the change in DST as the best argument in my favor!

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