Firefox 3.0 RC2

Circumstances pushed me to updating to the latest release candidate of Firefox 3.0. Namely, Firefox becoming completely unstable on my Macbook Pro. As I mentioned, I had started messing with 3.0 RC1 with a mobile version running off my thumb drive, trying to hold off updating any of my machines until it was an official release, with official releases of most of my “can’t do without” extensions, but when your browser of choice starts crashing every 15 minutes or so, you’ve got to do something!

So I downloaded it and replaced version 2 on the Mac. I then went through finding extension upgrades. As mentioned in that previous post’s comments by Andy, there is a beta version of the tool, so I grabbed that. Then I stumbled into a beta version of Greasemonkey that I hadn’t been able to find before in their user group and got it running as well. Other than that, FEBE didn’t have an update that I could find, and Google Gears didn’t either. Neither are deal breakers, but they’ll be nice to have when the time comes.

FF 3.0RC2 does, however, run much faster on my Macbook than 2 did. It starts faster, it loads pages slightly faster, and most of all, it’s not crashing on me!

So far, so good, but I’m not real keen on running this many unofficial releases on all my machines so FF 2 will remain on my desktop, and my work machines, but I’ll be looking forward to upgrading in the near future!

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  1. Thanks! Figures there is a beta version out there, not listed in the Mozilla add-ons. Asking you guys is about as easy as Googling it myself. 😉

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