Splitting PDF’s

Don’t you just love it when a court will only accept PDF’s of a certain file size and you have to split a file into various sections so that each is below that threshold? Someone on one of the ILTA mailing lists turned me on to A-PDF Size Splitter, and today, since someone was asking about getting this done, I decided to download a trial of it and see how it worked.

In my test, it worked great! It simplifies the whole process and let’s you split a PDF into the proper sized parts in seconds, rather than having to guess where to break it up.

They’ve got a bunch of PDF utilities on their site which also look pretty useful.

Here’s hoping someone I can convince someone to let me purcahse a license. 🙂

Tags: A-PDF, SizeSplitter, CourtFilings

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  1. Does Preview split by file size? I haven’t been able to locate that feature if it’s in there.

  2. I don’t think it can. I know you can copy and paste pages between PDFs.

    So you need to be able to split a document, say, into 500K files? I don’t think you can do that. 🙂

  3. Yeah I see what you’re saying. That is a nice way to copy paste pages without paying fr Acrobat, but A-pdf offers a nice way to split it by size, which is helpful when dealing with max file size acceptance.

  4. Mike, I’ve used perl or shell scripting with pdftk (PDF tool kit) to manage my pdf tasks. I don’t think pdftk has a native size parameter, but I’m sure you could script it if needed.


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