An Offer of Help from Manager Tools

The guys over at Manager Tools Podcast sent out an email today, and I wanted to share the details with everyone. Given the current turmoil in the economy, these guys are coming up with an interesting, and generous, way to help out:

In light of the recent market turmoil, we want to share our Layoff Immunization and Getting Fired shownotes and slides with everyone. While this is premium content, this is one of those times where generosity is called for.

We’ve included notes and slides from two shows: The Layoff Immunization show, and Getting Laid Off – Part 1 – Finances Rule. (Lest you think we’re holding back parts 2+, they’re not published yet).

Please find the files below.

If you’re not affected, great. If you know someone who is worried about their future, share these documents with them freely, with our complements and best wishes.

Being a manager means caring for others. It’s a privilege to serve you all.

Not only is Manager Tools a great podcast, but Mike and Mark are great guys all the way around. Can’t say enough about the information they are giving out for free on their podcast, and this is just a small part of it.

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