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Network Now, Because It’s Likely You Will Be Laid Off Eventually

This past week, we were inundated with more layoff news. Google, Amazon, Discord, Twitch, etc. announced layoffs. Many other companies appear to have quietly laid off a significant number of employees, and we’re only two weeks into 2024.

That’s why when I saw the Introverted Networker newsletter this week, I felt the need to share it with you.

This week, we’re tackling a tough but important topic: the threat of layoffs.

With many of us feeling uncertain in the current job market, it’s crucial to be proactive.

Greg offers up some great networking advice, but maybe the best thing he offers is a reality check. It’s better to be prepared. It’s better to have a plan, and it’s always better to have more connections when you find yourself looking for your next gig. Don’t wait to be without a job before forming connections with people in your industry. Prepare to be laid off because sooner or later, it might be you getting the call from HR, and as many of us can tell you, how you performed as an individual in your job won’t matter in the end. This isn’t about getting rid of poor performers, it’s all about the finances. You do not matter as much as that balance sheet and stock price do, so be prepared to not just potentially be let go but to leave when a better opportunity comes up.

You network to find those opportunities, too.

If you need any more proof that tech executives will not be loyal to you, how about this termination call that went viral last week? Good lord, did they step into this mess? Cloudflare is standing by the fact that they didn’t have any layoffs, but this surely was the worst performance-related firing ever if they weren’t doing mass layoffs.

Does anyone want to take bets on how many people were actually terminated by Rosie and this other exec in this non-layoff? 😉

Get out there and network. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to get started. Let me know how I can help connect you to others.

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