Benefits of Networking

This holiday weekend has been a little eye-opening for me in terms of how networking works. As I mentioned when I presented at Ignite a few weeks ago, you want to grow a network because asking people you don’t really know to help you can be awkward, at best. Far better to have a network…

Now this is Exciting!

The guys who do the Manager Tools Podcast, which I have loved and learned so much from even though I’m not a Manager, are starting up a new podcast on Dec 4, Career Tools. Like Manager Tools, it will be a weekly FREE podcast addressing your Career: development, search, interviewing, networking, recruiting, promotions, layoffs, etc….


The Tweetup that turned into the Discovery Channel

Today, I had the freedom to skip out of work (due to the overtime on Sunday/Monday) and go to the November Columbus¬† Tweetup – Tour of Ohio Stadium. Despite the cold, there was a pretty good turn out. Probably the fact that there was an OSU-Michigan ticket giveaway helped there, eh? Anyway, after some socializing,…