Cloud Computing and E-Discovery?

Charles Skamser predicts Cloud Computing will be a big trend in eDiscovery in 2009.

My reaction? Maybe, but from my experience trying out a couple of online document repositories, there needs to be some performance improvements! We get attorneys complaining about the speed a PDF displays in Summation over a LAN, which is nothing compared to the wait for a document image to display online!

Now, I can certainly understand the move toward online repositories. If I’m a client, I love being able to deal directly with the host/vendor, let the outside counsel access the documents, and then cut off the access when the case is done, as opposed to giving my data to a law firm and hoping they delete it when they’re done. That’s a great way for a client to keep control of their own case and manage the outside counsel. There’s promise in cloud computing to help simplify things for clients, but I don’t think, at current performance levels, too many attorney’s are going to be excited about that.

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