My ILTA 09 Plans

I finished up planning my week for ILTA09 the last week of Aug. As we prepared to get our presentation finished and submitted by the deadline this week, I realized that it’s coming up pretty quick.

Unfortunately, as much as ILTA is pushing social networking, they dont have a way to share your itinerary on their site. So, I did the next best thing, saved it as a PDF and uploaded it to my own site. 🙂

On top of those sessions, (Two of which I’ll even be presenting at, so I should be easiest to find there) I’ll also be hitting up the Tweetup community of interest, the speakers meet and greet, the conference orientation (Yeah, I’m a newbie) and the opening reception on Sunday, and I’ll be hanging around DC Friday and Saturday. Obviously, if anyone wants to say hello, you’ll have ample opportunity!

So who’s going to be around?

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