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So, given the way the new 3g S release brought in a couple of features I had always thought were lacking in the iPhone (copy/paste chiefly), and happened to coincide with both my birthday this weekend and our AT&T cell phone contract being up for renewal, and upgraded equipments, I couldn’t help but assume that getting an iPhone was simply fate!

So, today my iPhone was delivered. It’s been activated, and I’ve downloaded a couple of apps that I already knew I’d be grabbing, like , Tweetdeck, App, and Tripit.

What else should I be downloading? What free apps do I need to try out, what pay apps do you find were well worth the price? All suggestions welcome!

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  1. gstarcher
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    I love Beejive, 1password pro, sometimes check the att wireless app for my usage, the vip authenticator I use with paypal and verisign.pip openid, shazam, pocket tunes brightkite, i can haz cheezburger, skype.

  2. kylenishioka
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    Free apps: Kindle for iPhone, Phoneflix (if you subscribe to Netflix), Google Earth, icanhazcheezburger, Nozbe (if you have a account), A Free Level, Flashlight.

    Paid apps: Trism (if you're into Bejeweled on slanted steroids). Photobuddy (for photobugs that need an exposure/DoF calculator for shooting in manual).

    Novelty stuff you may want to try and then delete: iFu, Ustream (this thing is unbelievably laggy, even on wifi), Yowza.

    I also recommend jailbreaking it when you feel up to it. Installing themes and skins is worth the effort.

  3. Mike McBride
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    Thanks for the suggestions, looks like I have some app experiments in my future!

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