Just out Shooting!

Window Boxes

With last weekend being a three day weekend, and both of us just needing a break away from everything, we took off for Lexington, KY. Taking photos was part of the plan, but not the main focus. It was much more important to spend time with my wife, “running away” together for a couple of days more than anything.

Given that, our plans didn’t really involve making sure we always were at the best place at the best time for shooting great photos, but even if you’re not out shooting at the “golden hour” there are still a number of opportunities to take photos, and do some experimentation. Some of the experimental shots I took worked out just as I imagined it might, others not at all. The important thing was just to take some shots, explore the area of the country and have some new experiences. In that regard, mission accomplished!

Separate Entrances

All the photos from the trip are over on Flickr. Check ’em out!

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