Speaking of CSI

Since I have mentioned here before that I love to watch CSI, but sometimes their “liberal” take on technology tools leaves me rolling my eyes with dismay, I have to share this link. CSI Zoom Story Yup, I know anyone out there who deals with audio/video/photographs runs into the “CSI effect”, where people actually expect…

Trying to Get Better as a Hobbyist Photographer

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the difficult things as a hobbyist photographer, is finding people willing to simply let you shoot them for an hour or so. I’d love to get more practice shooting portraits, but I also know I’m not good enough, nor do I have the lighting gear, for…

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Writing Elsewhere on Social Networking

I was approached on the LitSupport Yahoo mailing list a couple of weeks ago about writing an article to talk about social networking by none other than Mark Lieb of Ad Litem Consulting, and author of Litigation Support Department. With his help as editor, the finished article is now posted over at the LSVA forums….