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Oh Yeah, I’m Certified

I forgot to mention this earlier, probably because the “official” announcement came out while I was on vacation sans laptop, but I am officially certified as a Trial Director 5 trainer.

Now, since I can’t really do much training outside of my own firm, the certification doesn’t mean much. (It’d be a conflict of interest to train other firm’s attorneys.) But, since I needed to get as much in-depth training as possible in order to put together our own attorney educational program on how we could use the software at trial, or at depositions, it makes sense to go ahead and get the certification. If nothing else, it tends to make attorneys stand up an take ever so slightly more notice when you can throw some initials on your credentials.

Then again, I’m an SCT, Summation Certified Trainer already, and I have no idea if there are initials in common use for this certification. (TDCT? Anyone?)

At any rate, it never hurts to drop the new certification on a resume or LinkedIn profile. While I don’t have any plans to put that to use, you just never know!

So, now that I am armed with all of that technical know-how with Trial Director, the next step is going to be convincing our attorneys to put it to good use, and convincing our clients that the extra cost is worth it for their case. I have a feeling the certification tests are going to prove much easier than the sales job I’m about to embark on, but it’s all part it. As with any tech tool, it’s only powerful if it gets used. As much as I think we could use Trial Director for, I’ve got to convince others of that now, so if anyone out there has been through this and has some tips, I’m all ears!

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