ReadTwit Feature Suggestion

After a couple of days of using ReadTwit, I do still really find it useful, and I’m working on what hashtags to filter out, and even finding a few people who I really probably shouldn’t have been following to begin with, due to the noise/signal ratio they are pushing out.

But today, as I was skimming my ReadTwit links, I really wished there was a way to filter on more than hashtag and username. Specifically, I want to filter out any links that point to FourSquare, as every time I skim the feed there are usually a bunch of “check ins” of Foursquare users on Twitter, with links to that location’s Foursquare page. As I’ve said before, I don’t really care about other people’s foursquare check-ins, they provide no value to me whatsoever on Twitter, but most of the foursquare noise gets buried and is hardly noticeable. In ReadTwit, it’s much more noticeable, and unfortunately, because it comes from multiple sources, many of whom are people providing lots of good links as well, I don’t have any good way to filter it. A nice filter by URL feature would go a long way here!

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