Should I Be Worried About Tweetdeck?

The other day when I saw all the hub-bub about Twitter basically telling developers to not bother developing clients, I was really struck by their claim that 90% of Twitter users use official Twitter apps. Maybe my world is just a small part of the twitterverse overall, but I don’t know many people who don’t use a third-party app, especially tweetdeck.

So, today, when I saw GigaOm quoting a very different statistic, suddenly it made some sense. I use Tweetdeck for almost all of my twitter needs, except one. When I want to look at folks who have recently started following me, and decide if I want to follow any of them, I generally go to the website. So, am I one of the 90% of active users who use official Twitter properties? Yes, I am. Am I also part of the 42% of tweets that are generated by third-party apps? You bet!

My question for you is, does any of the official Twitter clients give me anywhere near the power that Tweetdeck does? Frankly, if Tweetdeck gets cut off, and I am unable to  replace the filtering, synching settings between my iPhone and my computers, columns, and multiple accounts in one client, I’m probably going to simply use Twitter less. At the very least, if I can’t use global filters, I’m highly likely to follow a lot fewer people, which would also mean me getting less use out of Twitter. Same can probably be said for not having multiple columns. It’s how I organize Twitter, without it, organization gets harder, and I’m less likely to get as much out of it.

Anyone been using the “official” apps want to weigh in and tell me more about the features? It would save me some time in testing them out for myself. Still, I’m hopeful that Twitter won’t actually kill off Tweetdeck, but I also know better than to not have a backup plan!

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