Your Top Talent Will Leave

I read, with great interest, a Forbes article this week titled 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You

My interest laid not so much in the ten reasons, though if you are in management, the list holds quite a bit of truth about what motivates your top performers, and you should definitely check those out. Rather, what caught my attention were the statistics about current employees:


  • More than 30% believe they’ll be working someplace else inside of 12 months.
  • More than 40% don’t respect the person they report to.
  • More than 50% say they have different values than their employer.
  • More than 60% don’t feel their career goals are aligned with the plans their employers have for them.
  • More than 70% don’t feel appreciated or valued by their employer.



So tell me, do you still think your top performers, the folks who are most attractive to your competitors, are all going to stay put and you have nothing to worry about? The numbers seem to show employers who are taking their top performers for granted, not making sure they aren’t showing up in these numbers.

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