Experimenting With Social Plugin

I’ve installed the Social plugin from Mailchimp on the blog, mostly because I’ve seen a few mentions of it recently and was curious to see it at work.

The idea of pulling in replies to a blog post that appear on Twitter and Facebook seems like something worth checking out. I’m not ready to ditch Disqus and switch back to just using Social with the WordPress comments again, I think Disqus offers a lot in terms of managing and interacting with comments that WordPress doesn’t at this point, but we’ll see how well the two systems play together. I already know that any comments pulled into WordPress from Facebook and/or Twitter will need to sync back up with Disqus, and that import job can take up to 24 hours, so I know the social comments won’t appear on the blog quickly, but I will be able to see them in WordPress and track just how many comments there are and then see how much of a pain it is to keep Disqus and WordPress in sync. So, you never know what the final result will be, but you know me, if there’s some new tool out there worth playing around with, I’ll be right there to see it for myself. 😉

Anyone else using Social? What has your experience been?

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