Turns Out Facebook Pages Have a Bug

I have talked about this before, as have many other folks. Back in 2012 many folks were noticing the reach of posts on their Facebook pages had started to dramatically drop, right about the same time that Facebook was offering to promote your posts for a fee. It all seemed very crappy, and Facebook’s response wasn’t much help, as they pointed to a change in the algorithm and not a conspiracy to get you to pay to promote posts to people who had already liked your page, despite the fact that no one really knows what the algorithms are doing. 😉

Now it turns out that maybe it was actually bad code, and not a conspiracy.

This proves two things to me. One, whenever there is fear of a conspiracy, the truth is usually just someone doing something stupid, not evil intentions.

The second, is that bugs can get you in a lot of trouble, especially bugs you don’t acknowledge, or know about. That lack of acknowledgment opens you up to criticism and questioning, when really, it’s just a programming mistake.

So we’ll see what the reach numbers look like once they get it fixed and actually track mobile users again.

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