Linked – Why People Quit Their Jobs

Imagine that you’re looking at your company-issued smartphone and you notice an e-mail from LinkedIn: “These companies are looking for candidates like you!” You aren’t necessarily searching for a job, but you’re always open to opportunities, so out of curiosity, you click on the link. A few minutes later your boss appears at your desk. “We’ve noticed that you’re spending more time on LinkedIn lately, so I wanted to talk with you about your career and whether you’re happy here,” she says. Uh-oh.

Go read the whole article and ask yourself a question. If we already know that most people leave jobs because of their manager, not necessarily the company, wouldn’t all the time and money be better spent training managers in how to effectively manage?

I mean seriously, if the situation above actually happened to me, I’d be about 1000% more likely to leave, not less, because my manager felt the need to spy on me and take something completely out of context. Nope, not someone I want to work for.


Image by Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)

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