Price Trumps All

When it comes to airline travel, we’ve been living with this reality and making compromises for a while now. While we certainly bemoan the lack of amenities, and the cattle-like approach that US airlines take toward passengers, we still demand cheap airfare.

Nowhere is that made more clear than in this article about Spirit Airlines.

Spirit is, by far, the lowest rated airline, but it’s also the fastest growing. People hate the way they charge fees for every little thing, they hate the service, and the experience of flying on Spirit, but the cheap fares keep them coming back.

Truthfully, as much as we complain about airline service, we still take too much pleasure in “getting a deal” for the airlines to have incentive to change. Unfortunately for those of us who have to travel for our jobs, we will continue to see airlines giving us what we paid for, and suffering for it.

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