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IMG_0871.JPG Pardon me while I talk shop for a few minutes, OK? 😉

I must say that one of the nice things about my new gig is being able to roll out a new legal technology certification. I’ve really enjoyed being able to spend time teaching folks and then actually certifying them recently! It’s nice to know that you’re providing something of value to customers! Having been in the IT industry even before I got involved in the legal industry, I understand the importance of being able to put a certification on my resume, as well as what it means when a certification gets a bad reputation, as either being too easy, or simply meaningless.

I’ve tried to avoid that in the current version, and will try even further in the next version, because like anything else, as technology changes, the skills and knowledge required to make it work change right along with it. As we have released updates to the product, the need to include new features into the certification has arisen, as well as some ideas to even expand on what we currently have. It is not an industry in which you can stand pat for very long without the tech passing you by, and certifications should absolutely reflect that.

Given that, if you were creating a certification for an eDiscovery technology, what are the things you would absolutely want to see included? If you were hiring someone to handle your eDiscovery tech, what skill would be an absolute showstopper if they could not demonstrate mastery of it?

Let me know, I’m always open to hearing what those in the industry have to say about the skills that are most in demand.

If you’re interested in learning more about the current Nuix eDiscovery Specialist Certification, check out the website, and be sure to check out the class calendar as we keep adding classes. Also, if you’re coming to the User Exchange, we’ll be offering the class post-conference as well. I hope to see you there!

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