Reading – FAA Approves In-Flight Internet That Might Not Suck

Detroit Airport layoverDarn, now they’re going to expect me to answer emails on the plane too. There goes my one chance for being unplugged! 😉

In all seriousness, with the price they charge for GoGo wireless now, it’s shameful that it is so terribly slow. Ignore the bandwidth issues around everyone streaming video on the plane at the same time, which is not a small issue, even when I just want to deal with email and social media while I’ve got a few hours of plane time on my hands, it can be a struggle.

It would be nice to have a reliable internet connection on airplanes. I also totally understand many people’s desire to not be plugged into the internet during that time, but when you spend as much time on planes as I do, the need to try and get some things done overrides that desire sometimes.

Here’s hoping they can improve the service. Now about that pricing….

FAA Approves In-Flight Internet That Might Not Suck

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