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Linked – 3 Ways To Complement Your Career Using Social Media

“Networking is of course important when you are looking to expand your career horizons. Shaking hands, putting your foot in doors and making contacts are great ways to make sure that potential employers already know who you are before you send in that all-important job application.However, in 2015, an avenue of networking that is becoming…


Linked – eDiscovery Education – The Next eDiscovery Marketing Campaign

“There is so much potential benefit and harm for provider driven content being delivered by formal academic institutions that it boggles the mind. I remember early debates at EDRM about these kinds of programs and frustration that we could not get the resources allocated. The more than $2.2 Billion (yes, I capitalize that B) in…


Linked – The Best Employees Stay With Companies That Help Them to Get Better

“Every company needs hardworking, talented employees who can bring something creative and different to the table. Likewise, employees want to be confident their contributions are important and that their employers are investing time and money into their skills and career progression. High employee turnover increases expenses and decreases workplace morale and productivity. Businesses can’t thrive…


Linked – The future of security: You may wish that your data was only stolen

“There’s been a lot of data breaches lately, and the numbers seem to be constantly increasing. From the high profile attacks against the likes of Ashley Madison and Sony Pictures, to the lesser known breaches like Kmart Australia and Systema Software, it’s practically becoming routine to read a headline that says, “Company X breached; data…


An Important Lesson – Give a Show to Whoever Shows Up

Over the weekend, I spent some time on campus here in Corvallis, experiencing some of the Homecoming events. One of the events was a free outdoor concert by country musician, and Corvallis native, Jackson Michelson. Now, it was a chilly night, with a lot of other student activities going on, and so the crowd wasn’t…


Linked – Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job

A pretty good list for anyone who is looking to improve their professional lives. Especially key for young professionals to understand that these 10 things matter, regardless of what your “job” is. Without them, you’ll never get anywhere. Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job