Linked – “Hacked” e-mail account of White House worker exposed in 2013 password breach

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An unnamed US intelligence official was quoted by NBC News as calling the leak of contractor Ian Mellul’s e-mails “the most damaging compromise of the security of the president of the United States that I’ve seen in decades”—one caused by … Read More

Linked – Why Data Reduction is Key for Meaningful Visualizations

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In my experience, and in the experience of many others as well, unfocused attempts at visualization over raw, unreduced data produce visualizations that are not particularly useful for security operations.  Visualization does have tremendous potential to bring value to security … Read More

Linked – Yahoo says half a billion accounts breached by nation-sponsored hackers

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Given the wide range of personal information exposed, the possibility of attackers obtaining plaintext passwords is only one of the major concerns stemming from the breach. Yahoo users should be wary of communications that may use some of the compromised … Read More

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