Linked – WordPress bloggers ‘strongly encouraged’ to immediately apply security update

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If you don’t have automatic updates turned on your self-hosted WordPress sites, you should probably make some time to get them updated. Nothing like having your site hacked because you skipped an update that patches vulnerabilities! And while you’re at … Read More

Linked – Why Aren’t You Using Email Threading on Every Case?

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Imagine if Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo were incapable of grouping email conversations together. Without conversation grouping, or email threading, you might be able to sort by subject, but the software would not understand that “RE:” and “FW:” should be disregarded. … Read More

Linked – 4 Surprising Benefits of Continuing Education in Litigation Support

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While attorneys are required to stay up-to-date on emerging issues via continuing legal education (CLE) credits, there’s no such requirement dictated for the litigation support profession—unless, of course, you count industry demand. That doesn’t mean formal, ongoing education isn’t important; … Read More

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