Linked – If They’re Nasty To Job Applicants, How Nice Can They Be To Employees?

I’m amazed at how often this actually happens. Companies do not train their managers to recruit, and many managers are horrible at dealing with people during that process.

When we’re job-hunting, we can easily start to believe that if we only stick with an employer through the ups and downs, delays and irritations of its recruiting process, maybe in the end we’ll get an awesome job!


In my experience, that is almost never the case.


The companies that treat you badly as a job-seeker don’t treat their employees any better. In fact, these companies do you a great favor by showing you right away how little they value talent, or people.

Have you ever dropped out of an interview because of how poorly you were treated by the organization? I have, but frankly, I think there were others I probably should have not wasted my time with after one or two interactions, but I didn’t. What did they have to do to make it not worth your while anymore?


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