British Airways Jet at Heathrow
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Linked – FAA Suggests Banning Laptops From Checked Luggage

This will make for some interesting logistics problems for highly technical businesses, and even for someone like a professional photographer with extra camera bodies/batteries in a checked bag. I didn’t often check a laptop, but I know plenty of people who had to, because they were carrying multiple machines to a work site, or doing forensic collections or training involving multiple machines. Guess they’ll be shipping that more often, but would that even be possible if this goes into effect for cargo as well?

“The report concludes that the risk of having laptops in checked luggage is too high. Three cargo jets have been destroyed by battery fires since 2006, and the FAA speculates the only reason the same thing hasn’t happened on passenger jets is simply that most people keep laptops with them in the cabin. All the large airplane manufacturers and European flight safety agencies are in agreement with the conclusions of the paper.”

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