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Have you ever wanted a place to point someone to read to help them understand what actually happens when we talk about “processing” documents as part of eDiscovery? I know I have, and I’ve struggled to know where to start when someone says to me “What do you process the documents?”

You could do a lot worse than Craig’s newly published primer.

“Today, I published my primer on processing.  It’s fifty-odd pages on a topic that’s warranted barely a handful of paragraphs anywhere else.  I wrote it for the upcoming Georgetown Law Center Advanced E-Discovery Institute and most of the material is brand new, covering a stage of e-discovery–a “black box” stage–where a lot can go quietly wrong.  Processing is something hardly anyone thinks about until it blows up.”

Oh that last line has so much truth in it. Go, grab yourself a copy, and if you have some feedback, let Craig know. I’m only skimmed it myself, but I was very happy to see some sections on how dtSearch actually indexes test, and the limitations of that index on what you can search. It’s so nice to have it written down somewhere to point people, isn’t it?

A Primer on Processing and a Milestone

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