Linked – Twitter to Introduce Save for Later Bookmarking Feature

I’m looking forward to this, for this very reason:

So, if you like a tweet you just want to review later, it can show up in someone else’s timeline that you’ve liked it. For tweets you just want to come back to later but don’t necessarily agree with or endorse, that’s problematic.

The “like” functionality is public. People who follow you, or even just browse your profile can see what you’ve liked, and I would guess many would assume that you therefore “agree” with whatever was tweeted, but sometimes it’s more a matter of a headline grabbing your attention, and, like I keep telling you guys, wanting to actually go back and read the whole article before you decide to publicly like or share it.

Let’s be honest. There have been plenty of things that I’ve marked in some way to go back to, usually by saving it the Pocket, privately, that after further reading, I would never like or share in public. Hopefully, Twitter will make that even easier for us!

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