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As some of you may know, there are numerous ways to subscribe to this blog. If you’re an RSS user, yes we have that. If you’re an old-school email subscriber, yes we have that too. Currently, the email newsletter is sent each Monday morning and contains a recap of everything that has been posted here the previous week. Those two options are not going anywhere.

What I have been experimenting with, and which might interest some of you, is the new email newsletter tool that Twitter has made available, called Revue. It’s a little more hands-on than the current newsletter, so while I plan to send it out every Friday, I can’t swear to you that will always happen. On the other hand, I get to add some more stuff to this newsletter because it’s more hands-on. So I can pull in some links from other sources, drop in some text, etc. In essence, I’ll be experimenting with it, but you can expect that the goal will remain the goal I’ve always had with my blog, writing, and sharing interesting things that might help you out with technology, work, etc.

You can subscribe, and take a peek at some of my recent experimental issues over at my Revue profile. I hope you’ll consider subscribing, and sharing with your friends if you find it useful!


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