Bad Instructions in Litigation Support

HashtagLegal put together this little video about the frustration of not getting complete instructions from clients and project managers.

One, I found it pretty on point.

Two, it reminded me of something I’ve often mentioned to attorneys and other folks in our industry. The “dirty little secret” of working in litigation support is that we don’t make any decisions. How data is handled, what is produced, how it is produced, etc. is NEVER our decision to make. Seriously, it’s a legal decision, we can’t make it.

So when an attorney who doesn’t know any better tells us to just “do it the normal way”, there may be a default workflow in place that has been designed to be the way we do things unless otherwise instructed, but make no mistake, when you choose to blow it off like that, you made the decision. Not anyone on your Lit Support team..

Something to think about…


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