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I appreciate what EPIQ is trying to do with this post, and we really should all be much more wary of how much we use our personal phones to conduct business, because in the eDiscovery world, that may mean someone coming and collecting everything from it, but this advice seems just, well, so quaint.

“Always keep business and personal communication separate!
Regardless of whether you have a BYOD or company provided device, keep business discussions to business applications like Skype for Business, Link, Slack, or Bloomberg. Collection from an enterprise level chat application is performed at the server level, so personal device collection would not be necessary, and therefore no need to relinquish your phone.
Over collection costs money!  Having clear lines of communication or putting company policies in place to restrict certain chat application usage will only help limit those potential over collection scenarios.”

Sorry, that ship has sailed. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t accomplish this, because someone is going to text me, or send me a message on FB, etc. This advice is a lot like telling people not to drink with coworkers, or friend them on social media. Sure it’s well-intended, but it’s unrealistic too. There’s no way coworkers aren’t already communicating by SMS and other chat apps, for personal and professional reasons. Organizations are going to have to get over that, and figure out how to gather what they need without violating the privacy of their employees.

My bet is they won’t do a good job of it, and then things will get really interesting.


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