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Linked – Internet issues cause the most stress for SME owners

This actually doesn’t surprise me. I would imagine for small and mid-sized law firms this would be pretty high as well.

“A new survey shows that internet issues are the largest management stressor among SME owners, followed by GDPR and cyber security.”

As we have moved more and more data and services to the cloud, and more employees to remote work, the one thing that brings all of that crashing down is an internet outage. No internet connection, no cloud access, no remote access, no communication technology. (Even phones are likely to be IP-based now)

And the worst part is, there is probably nothing you can do but wait on the service provider. We are all totally dependent on them. When it all works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, that’s stress.

To be fair, internet connectivity in the US is pretty stable the vast majority of the time. But, I’ve been conducting a training class online when the power went out, working on data in the cloud when an underground fire disconnected the office from the internet, and seen various cloud-based services suffer outages that break my own websites. It happens, and it’s stressful to sit and wait for someone else to fix it.


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