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Linked: How To Use Social Networks to…Network

This might seem like crazy talk if you read the headlines or follow a bunch of political hacks on Twitter, but remember when this was actually the point?

“What if you tried using social networks to create awareness of your personal brand and to build new relationships? Social networks may not be the only solution to your job search woes but it just might help.”

There’s some decent advice in the article, but let’s face it. If your social media “brand” is to be a troll, to argue vehemently about politics, or to simply be a place to be generally rude and vulgar, it might not work out for you.

If that’s not your thing, you can make connections, and even friendships, online.

Hard as that might be to believe, those connections might even help you find a job, or be someone you hire, one day.

Odder things have happened.

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