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Linked: Social Media Is Improving Their Lives, Say Baby Boomers

It’s quite often that we hear about how miserable people are who use social media, so it’s always refreshing when a study comes out and shows us that isn’t universally true. But, I do wonder how much it is how we use social media that is impacting how we feel about it? This article below hints at something about Boomers that may explain why they are happy with it.

Another important factor to consider is that boomers still read print magazines and newspapers, still lean back to watch TV on big screens and yet only use social media sparingly.

I have seen other studies that talk about older people who aren’t able to get out and travel as much, and how much social media means to them in terms of keeping in touch with family, friends, and maintaining social connections, so a study that shows Baby Boomers feel this way isn’t surprising, but I can’t help but wonder how much truth there really is in that paragraph above?

By using social media to connect to people, but also to use it to follow brands, and get all of our news, and all of our political opinions, could we actually be making ourselves miserable? Instead of being a tool of convenience and communication, have we made it the center of our lives? If we have, then maybe it’s no wonder it makes us miserable. The tech companies should never be trusted with that much power.

Maybe we should think about how we are letting social media use us, instead of using it.

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