Linked: These Simple Changes to Your Performance Reviews Will Make More Effective Employees

The whole article is full of good advice, if not advice that should be obvious, like this:

“Rather than conducting employee performance reviews once or twice a year, tweak them so that they happen weekly or monthly, and so that they’re a more informal event. “

Unfortunately, even though it seems obvious that only offering feedback on someone’s performance once or twice a year means not getting adjustments and helping people be better in real time, I know that is still the norm, and it is also still the norm that employees will get completely sucker-punched at the end of the year with criticism that they’ve never heard before, rather than having had the chance to correct it before the yearly pay-raise was in question about it.

It makes no sense. Provide feedback, positive and negative, in real time. It’s not rocket-science. It’s basic education.

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