Linked: Border agents can search phones freely under new circuit court ruling

So, maybe if you have business data that is required to be protected and kept private, don’t cross the US border with a device that has it stored, huh?

“A US appeals court has ruled that Customs and Border Protection agents can conduct in-depth searches of phones and laptops, overturning an earlier legal victory for civil liberties groups. First Circuit Judge Sandra Lynch declared that both basic and “advanced” searches, which include reviewing and copying data without a warrant, fall within “permissible constitutional grounds” at the American border.”

Actually, yes, I do believe this is a massive intrusion on privacy. I also think this is also a massive concern for businesses, law firms, etc. Basically, anyone that handles non-public information, which would be everyone has an interest here. If an employee of your company crosses the border with any device that can access your systems, that could be your data that is copied by a Border Patrol agent for no reason beyond the fact that the employee is crossing the border. Sometimes that data might even fall under other legal requirements that hold you liable if it gets leaked. And now it’s passing into the hands of a random agent at the border.

How does that make you feel about business travel? It concerns me greatly. It should concern you too. When it’s actually happening again, how are you going to keep your data safe, but also travel internationally to visit customers and clients?


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