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Linked: Time to end workplace stigma of mental health treatment for employees

Annalise describes a fairly typical situation, and what goes through our minds when we try to decide whether to say anything at work:

“Let’s take something as simple as, theoretically: “My therapist is booked because demand is so high. I need treatment but they only have morning appointments available.” That may wrack your employee with fear or guilt because, well, does needing this time make them weak? Are they less able to handle the challenges being thrown their way than their colleagues, and will there be concerns about their performance?

No, no and no, there shouldn’t be.”

Yet, I can’t help but wonder how many people aren’t getting help because they don’t feel comfortable having these conversations at work. I mean, it’s quite possible that those morning appointments are available for that exact reason, no one wants to have to ask for an adjustment in their work schedule in order to see a therapist.

I think you have to ask yourself, which kind of employer are you? The kind who is going to be put out by having to adjust a schedule, or the one who is more interested in the long-term well being of the people who work for you?

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