Linked: Majority of tech workers want a four-day workweek

Talk about burying the lede:

“And despite the keen interest in the four-day workweek, 43% said they’d ultimately prefer the flexibility to work whenever they want.”

It’s not so much that everyone wants a four-day work week, we just want something other than what we have now, and ultimately, I think most of us would much rather work around the rest of our lives as opposed to living the rest of our lives around work.

For myself, I absolutely want flexibility. Work when I need to, with the flexibility to do some work at other times, and do it all from anywhere.

I’ve reached the point in my career where that last point is now non-negotiable. I don’t think I’m the only one, and in the current labor climate, more and more workers are defining their own non-negotiable work details. That isn’t going to go away.


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