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Linked: 4 Great Ways To Grow Your Career Even When You Work Remote

For reasons that I will explain at some point in the future, I’ve been thinking a lot about this, but from a different perspective. Obviously, I think this is true, if you’re working remotely you and your work are not going to get noticed by someone running into you in the office. You need to be much more intentional about it.

“Knowing the nature of your organization can put you on a path to make sound decisions about how you build your career. And the name of the game when you’re working away from the office, even for a portion of your time, will be intentionality. You’ll need to be intentional and planful about how you spend your time, on what and with whom.”

What I’ve been spending a lot of my time thinking about is the flip side of this coin. When you have a remote team, how do you help them grow? There’s good advice in the article below for the individual but I would also really love to see the leaders of remote teams take these same lessons to heart.

Ask yourself a simple question, if the best way to grow your own career in a remote environment is to intentionally identify the culture and then deliberately try to use your time to network internally, learn new skills, etc. why would we, as leaders, not do what we can to make that easier? Why put all the burden on a new hire to learn the ropes and find the best people to connect with or the best places to learn when that is information that we have and can share with them?

What intentionality can we include as part of bringing in new people, or connecting the people and knowledge that already exists within the team?

Leaving it up to chance is not the way to go. It was never really the best way to go but in an office, it might have been a little harder to notice. Everything must be intentionally created with remote teams—communication, connection, knowledge-sharing, etc.

Master that, and I think your team will grow in the ways they want to. Don’t master it, and they might just grow somewhere else.

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